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Yoga + trekking = yogatrekking

Eric Lon : physiotherapist

Yoga is a no age technique created by wise men to become wiser step by step, posture after posture, each one being the complementary of the previous and the next ones Trekking is the art to walk step by step, in harmony with Nature, taking time to look around, everywhere, being part of Nature.

Trekking is a kind of walking yoga and breathing yoga connected with action.
Yoga and trekking respect the rhythm of Mother Nature.
Yoga and trekking go well together.

Do you know a Nepali who is eating dal and bat at separated times?
No! It does not work. To enjoy Nepali dalbat you have to combine both dal and and bat.
Do you know one Asian who is able to eat without spices? No!
Do you know any French who is able to eat without bread? No!
It is the same with yoga and trekking. The ingredients have to be combined.

Yoga and trekking equal yogatrekking.
This a healthy concept created by Eric Lon who has both more than thirty years of professional experience in the field of yoga, massage and physiotherapy and also the same amount of years trekking, mountaineering and skiing all over the world.

Yoga is an anciant technique harmonizing the body and the mind.
In the past the yogis were used to do spiritual retreats in the mountains, looking for caves in lonely places. Thousands years ago the Tibetan yogi Milarepa was used to walk very long distances to find caves. It was not called trekking but he was trekking.
Nowadays thousands yogis are gathering in ashrams and parks to do collective yoga training. It is called civic yoga in India and in Nepal.

In the west many people are practicing yoga in studios during the week, but during their week end and their holidays they are shifting far from the big cities looking for Nature to balance their body and their mind. They are trekking in National Parks.
During their longer holidays they are traveling to the Himalayas for trekking.
Life is a travel: do not wait tomorrow for trekking. Today enjoy yogatrekking.

Yogatrekking is the Art of combining the benefit of outdoor yoga at different trekking places where Nature gifts more Prana, with beautiful landscapes.
The dynamic exercising part of Himalayan yoga, with yoga breathing adapted to trek in the Himalayas provides more energy.
Eric Lon is used to trek in the Himalayas for more than twenty years, practicing different kinds of yoga. Have a look to his yoga photo set on Flickr: yogas. Some pics have been seen thousands times.
Himalayan yoga is immediately available for anybody who wants to trek feeling healthier. Himalayan yoga is part of yogatrekking.

Pharaon Yoga inspires Eric Lon since 40 years. It is useful before to swim in the Himalayan lakes, with freezing water. You will not do the same, but have a look to the yoga and swimming photos of Eric Lon on : www.flickr.com

Prices: to compare what is comparable.

It is easy to compare the prices of similar treks because the mountains, lodges and restaurants are the same for the trekkers, but you cannot compare a yoga trek and a trek whithout yoga. This is not the same thing.

Yogatrekking is only available with Eric Lon

Do you know the price of a private yoga session at Paris, France? 60 Euros. What are the fees of a chiropractor, osteopath? 40 to 60 Euros per session.

Eric Lon physiotherapy fees : 50 Euros for a private session of 1 hour

E mail : ericlon@hotmail.fr