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Eric Lon in France, Toulon, Provence

masseur physiotherapist at Toulon, organizing yogatreks every week end around

his French home town : Toulon.

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Thailand 2016/17 : southern Islands


combining boat cruise with yoga, swimming and

snorkeling in December 2016, January, March 2017


Album photos Flickr : yoga on a boat, 89 photos : Yoga on a boat

Album photos Flickr : Similan Islands, 188 photos : Similan Islands

and other islands : Raya, PP, Kradan ... other albums


NEPAL Yogatrekking Annapurnas Langtang


Eric Lon favorite yoga treks in Nepal

Looking to the Eric Lon photos in Nepal is the best way to think about your next journey


Album photos Flickr : Kathmandu 2015, 242 photos : Kathmandu 2015

Yogatrek around the Annapurnas, 3 weeks, spring 2017

Album photos Flickr : Explore Annapurnas, 238 photos : Annapurnas


Yogatrekking in Langtang : autumn 2017

Album photos Flickr : Explore Langtang, 93 photos : Langtang


Under preparation : Incentive yogatrek in 2018 ...

Mustang: the hidden kingdom: 18 days


The yogatreks in Nepal are prepared by Michel French trekking guide, Nepal expert,

the creator of : la compagnie des gides de Katmandou

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New: Namibia

Yoga and trekking in Namibia : July 2017

Eric Lon travelled 12 times in Namibia ...

Album photos Flickr : Namibia, 42 photos : Namibia


Yoga Trips in Thailand ...

connecting swimming, snorkeling and yoga

Look at the other pages ...

Thai agency, Phuket : South Tours


Vertical photos Eric Lon thumbnails legends

1, 6 : Eric Lon trekking in Himalaya

7,12 : Southern Thailand

13 Eric Lon sand ski on the dunes

14 : Eric Lon rock ski in Provence, France