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TESTIMONIALS about Eric Lon : French physiotherapist and yoga trekker

Testimonials list
1 : French reflexology, foot and ear massages: Thailand
2 : From a French Senator: France
3 : Romanian trekker in India
4: A doctor specialized in Mountains Rescue: Nepal.
5: Teaching Yoga therapy to the trekkers: France.
6: Free Yoga at Kathmandu: Nepal
7: A yogi and a mountaineer: France
8: Himalayan yoga against Cancer: France, india
9: A Japanese girl at Kathmandu: Nepal
10: A Nepali pioneer in the Himalayas: Nepal
11: Bicycling 2000 km in the Himalayas: India
12 : From the President of NARA: Nepal
13 : Sand skiing and mountaineering in Namibia
14 : A trek in Sahara, with cross country skis: Algeria
15: Dune skiing in Sahara: Algeria
16: Unexpected French masseur in the Annapurnas: Nepal
17: French yoga teacher, Paris: France
18: Cross country ski at 4650 meters, Manali, India
19: French trekkers in Thailande: Thailand
20: Yoga around Mt Everest: Nepal
21: Nepali mountain guide: Nepal
22: A Paris bird, hirondelle, in the Himalayas: Nepal, France
23: Two Ladakhis bikers: India
24: Yogatrekking in Ladakh: India
Combining the associations: France


1: French reflexology, foot and ear massages

I am pragmatic and Cartesian because I am a French computer engineer, and because of my job: real estate in Thailand. I am used to sell lands and buildings more than talking. I am not involved with the doctors, the physiotherapists and the yoga centers because I do not need them.
By chance I met Eric Lon on the island of Koh Phangam a day I damaged one foot by kicking a wall. I was suffering and limping. Eric said he can delete my pain with the reflexology. I was very skeptical, but I let him do because one of my friends recommended him as a certified physiotherapist. I also checked his impressive adventures on and I was convinced that Eric is not a classical man.

Eric did not touch my injured foot but he did to me an ear massage with a French medical technique. He used a small stick, telling it is a “magic stick”. Indeed it is a magic one because about half of the pain disappeared within two minutes. I was walking more easily all day long. By evening he used a small electrical instrument to do the same kind of ear massage. The pain has gone. I am deeply impressed by the efficiency of this technique.
Another day, after working hard at my office I was feeling tired. Eric gave me a foot massage which is very different from the usual Thai foot massage.

First of all, only by touching my feet, he told me accurate information about my mind. Is Eric a Medium? Being able to understand me, he provided a relaxing massage and I slept as a new born. Eric is absolutely no more a classical physiotherapist, but he is healing.
I am smoking for long. Eric taught me easy yoga exercises to clean my nostrils, and other cleansing yoga exercises to remove the toxins from my digestive system. I feel better.
I am not a trekker, but I would like to start trekking in the Himalayas with such a certified physiotherapist globe trekker connected with the Kathmandu trekking guides company.
I never been to Nepal but one day I would like to visit it with Eric. et:


1 : Reflexology: foot massage with additional electric stimulations and ear massage done by Eric Lon, certified masseur physiotherapist.


2 : From a French Senator of the district Var.

I know Eric Lon for about thirty years. He is a certified masseur physiotherapist who worked for long at Toulon, with a good reputation. Eric is also Adventurer, in the right way. He likes the challenges like skiing on the rolling stones. He taught his technique around Toulon to several kids, without any accident.
In the 80 he was used to windsurf on the high altitude lakes of several French National Parks. He was supported by the city of Toulon. He did well and the French TV offered him several reports.
Today Eric is close to 60 years old, but he is swimming and kayaking on the Himalayan lakes with as much enthusiasm as many years ago.
He is showing a new Health way by teaching yoga and massage all over the world, mainly in the Himalayas.
In the past Eric was used to have nice photos exhibitions and slide shows at Toulon and in the district Var. Nowadays Eric is sharing his photos through Internet to make the lay people dreaming of Adventures, mainly in the Himalayas.
His first book depicting his challenges on skis has been used by the Youth service of Toulon to promote the Adventure spirit.
His second book, “Des Ecrins à l’Himalaya” depicts a man coming from sea level and reaching the Himalayas.
Congratulations Eric: go forward as a pioneer!

Doctor Francois Trucy, Senator of Var, former Mayor of Toulon.

Defis a skis

2 : "Défis à skis" means "challenges on skis" : a book written by Eric Lon in 1988.


3 : Romanian trekker in India

I am Alin, a computer engineer, 30 years old, used to trek every week end in Romania.
This is my first trip to the Himalayas: it is great.
On September 2009 I was scaling alone Mount Stok Kangri, 6123 meters, close to Leh, the capital of Ladakh, India. I saw another mountaineer climbing faster than me. I was impressed by Eric Lon, two times older than me, but breathing better than me in this altitude. He told me this is because he is practicing Himalayan yoga.
One week later we scaled together Mt Rothang, a nice snow capped peak located above Manali. We discussed with a Mr. Rajeev Sharma, a great Indian mountaineer who scaled Mt Everest and many other mountains. He is Eric’ friend and he is interested to take part with Eric to an international trekking and mountaineering expedition in Ladakh, combined with yoga, during summer 2010.
In Nepal Eric invited me to join his expedition in Langtang national Park, to make a survey of the high altitude lakes.
On the way Eric taught Himalayan yoga and Thai yoga massage as well as foot massage to his porters. This is excellent to release the tenses generated by trekking in the Himalayas. Before to do yoga I was skeptical, but I immediately feel good. Other people should try yoga under the guidance of an experienced teacher instead of talking of something they do not know.

Alin Cucuian. Email :

Alin temoignage

3: Alin Cucuian trekking around Mt Rothang, Manali, India, September 2009.


4 : A doctor specialized in mountain rescue

The mountaineers are part of a small Univers. During the eighties I was used to see Eric Lon practicing rock climbing around Toulon.
I met again Eric in March 2009, in Nepal, Langtang National Park. We scaled together a peak, around 4900 meters of height.
Eric is walking with pace, like an old and experienced mountaineer. He is using yoga breathing techniques to avoid problems in altitude. The mountaineers should learn and practice this kind of yoga technique.

Doctor Pascal Lenabat, Mountain Rescue, IFREMONT.

Langtang yoga

4 : Doctor Pascal Lenabat and Eric Lon using a yoga breathing technique around 4900 meters of height, in Langtang National Park, March 2009.


5 : Teaching Yoga therapy to the trekkers

For many years I have been the President of a trekking club at Toulon. I am used to trek even whith a light chronic back pain. Once, when I was trekking with my family in the Ecrins National Park I suffered a severe back pain crisis. Eric Lon, who is teaching yoga and massage to the trekkers, healed me with stretching exercises and he taught to my wife the right way to help me for preventing others crisis.
Becoming able to heal oneself on a natural way is right.

Jean Marc Pedrona, Toulon

Stretching - methode Mezieres

5 : Eric Lon teaching to a father the way to stretch both the legs, arms and the back of his stiff tall son. This is a French yoga therapy method.


6 : Free Yoga at Kathmandu.

Yoga means to join, to unite, to harmonize.
The yoga practice is growing at Kathmandu, at different places, attracting many lay people interested to increase their well being, both at a physical level and in their mind, heart and soul.
Eric Lon is used to join our free yoga group at Thurikel Park, heart of Kathmandu. He is demonstrating some interesting Himalayan yoga techniques, useful to anybody. He is also sharing French yoga therapy with the Nepali yoga teachers.
This is Karma yoga, good for him, good for us.

Lila Nanda : Nepali yoga teacher at Kathmandu


6: Eric Lon and Lila Nanda: a French, a Nepali: two generations of yogis.


7 : A yogi and a mountaineer

I started practicing yoga when I was twenty years old, long time ago. Yoga is part of my daily life. I am also a climber and a mountaineer. These techniques are balancing the body and the mind, like hatha yoga, but at a higher level.
During summer 2007 and 2008 Eric Lon taught me Himalayan yoga. This technique is activating the general energy on a different way than classical yoga.
I also did some mountaineering in France with Eric. He is walking wisely on the ice with light shoes where the others are using crampons and an ice axe. He is using yoga postures to increase his blood and energy circulation.

Christian Duhart, teacher at Toulon

Ecrin France

7 : This yoga posture called "shoulder stand" activates the blood circulation, cleaning the feet and the legs, bringing more oxygen in the brain. Photo taken at the "Dome de neige des Ecrins" 4000 meters. La "Barre des Ecrins" is in the background". Southern French Alps. Eric Lon scaled alone this summit.


8 : Himalayan yoga against Cancer

More than twenty years ago I was suffering back pains. Eric Lon, a medical masseur and physiotherapist treated me with a kind of French therapeutic yoga. I was better. He became a friend of our family and he guided us on nice treks in the Southern Alps.
Since ten years Eric is no more staying at Toulon: he became a” globe trekker physiotherapist” teaching yoga and massage all over the world.
During summer 2008 I was suffering from a bone cancer. Eric came back to Toulon and he gave me two months Himalayan yoga session, with daily training. I felt so much better that in September 2008 I traveled alone to India to get Tibetan treatment at Dharamsala from the oldest physician of HH the Dalai Lama.
I did more yoga with Eric at Mcleodganj. My brother, who is having heart problems for years, is doing Himalayan yoga with me. He never did yoga before. He is feeling better.
I hope to be trekking again.

Mrs. Jeannette Schmitt, Toulon

Yoga India

8 : A yoga session at Mcleodganj Dharamsala India. It is a great souvenir.


9 : Japanese girl in Nepal.

That early morning in a Kathmandu Park, doing yoga with Eric, I could very much move and really “feel” my body. It makes my day very active.
Maya: Japan

japanese testimonial

9: Yogatrekking session given by Lila Nanda and Eric Lon at Shivapuri National Park, above Kathmandu, Nepal, May 2009.


10 : A Nepali hotel pioneer in the Annapurnas

About 30 years ago, there were few trekkers in the Annapurnas. I have one of the first to accommodate them in Manang, 3500 meters, and the first to settle at Thorong Phedi, 4540 meters above sea level. At that time it was a “No man’ land”.
Nowadays trekking is popular in Nepal. At spring and during autumn there are thousand people crossing the mythic highest pass of the Annapurnas: Thorong La, 5416 meters. This is a tough challenge. The high altitude lodges are useful.
Eric Lon already crossed Thorong La thirteen times. He is an experienced trekker looking for new itineraries. His concept of “star trek” around Manang and Thorong Phedi should interested people who like to see more things than the classical way: this is a good idea.
Eric Lon is also a French swimming teacher used for years to swim in the high altitude lakes: Gangapurna Lake, 3500 meters, Tilicho Lake, 4920 meters and Thorong Lake, 5460 meters.

For 2011, the Nepali Year of Tourism, Eric and locals from Manang and Muktinath are planning to invite the best triathletes from all over the world in the first Himalayan Triathlon. It may start from Manang by a swim at Gangapurna Lake, and then a run to Thorong La, 5416 meters before to cycle down to Jomosom, 2800 meters.
Local people from the Himalayas are supporting this kind of new ideas which can boost the Tourism industry.
In November 2009, during his stay at Thorong Phedi, Eric has been useful to some tired trekkers.

He also shared his yoga skills with my son, Kumar, 26 years old, who enjoyed feeling a lot of fresh energy. Yoga and trekking are doing well. Eric Lon is a pioneer.
Tshering Wangel Gurung, “Michung”: Thorong Phedi High Camp.

thorung Phei Pionneer

10: Michung has been the first to offer lodging and fooding to the trekkers at Thorong Phedi, 4540 meters, on the mythic Annapurnas circuit.


11: Bicycling 2000 km in the Himalayas.

With my wife Sylvie, we are bicycling about 2000 km in the Indian Himalayas.
We took some rest at Leh, Ladakh. Doing a Himalayan yoga session with Eric was very refreshing.
Sylvie had some digestive problems: Eric demonstrated yoga exercises for cleaning the digestive system. Improving the Health with Nature is the best.
As soon as we will be back to Switzerland, we will describe our bicycling journey on our website.

Patric Eisele, psychologe, Davos, Switzerland,

biking nepal

11 : Patrick and Sylvie, from Switzerland, cycling at Leh, Ladakh, september 2009.


12 : From the President of NARA: Nepal Rafting Agents Association

Eric Lon has a long experience in windsurfing on the French high mountains’ lakes, in several National Parks.
Nowadays he is kayaking on the Himalayan lakes with an inflated kayak easy to carry in a bag back. This new concept is very well connected with trekking in the Himalayas.
Eric Lon is a sport pioneer whose long experience and expertise should benefit to Nepal to add new activities to our sport guests, especially to market our Tourism Year 2011.
His proposal to create the first Himalayan Triathlon with jogging on our high trails plus swimming and kayaking in the highest altitude lakes of the Annapurnas is very well adapted to the Nepali respect of our Environment and Culture. It should bring more sport tourists in Nepal.
NARA is supporting the new concept of kayaking at the high altitude lakes.

Gopal Prasad Kharel: President NARA
E mail:

LAc Thorung La

12: Lake Thorong, 5360 meters, almost frozen in november 2009. It is located close to Thorong La, the highset pass of the Annapurnas trekking circuit.


13 : Sand skiing and mountaineering in Namibia

Eric Lon traveled twelve times in Namibia teaching dune skiing to the rangers of the Namib Naukluft Park. He also taught skiing to Namibian teenagers and to Michele Mc Lean, Miss Namibia and Miss Universe. I also enjoyed sand skiing with his skis.
Eric is also a mountaineer who scaled seven times Spitzkoppe, the sharpest Namibian peak. I took part in one of his ascent.
Eric has also a right knowledge of rock art, Bushman art in the Erongo region.
For sure he will come back to Namibia to share his healthy concept of “yogatrekking”.

Henk Cloete, Director of Nucleus Health Club, Windhoek, Namibia


13: Big Spitzkoppe, a granitic mountain in Erongo region, Namibia.


14 : A trek in the Sahara, with cross country skis

At Toulon, using different kinds of reflexology and a French yoga therapy Eric Lon has healed many patients suffering from back pains.
Eric is also a skier not like the others. He traveled many times in the Sahara, sharing on the dunes his cross country technique with the Algerian locals and with French skiers.
I took part in one of his skiing treks on the dunes, in Algeria, and I enjoyed it a lot.
For many years Eric was a “desert man” and then he became a Himalayan trekker. Nowadays he is a “globe trekker physiotherapist” opening new healthy ways in different parts of the world.

Docteur Philippe Kittler, Var, France

Sahara Dunes

14: The highest dunes of the Saoura region, Algerian Sahara, are more easy to scale with cross country skis than by foot.


15 : Dune skiing in Sahara

My friend Eric Lon is a pioneer who introduced dune skiing in Sahara in the eighties. He taught many Algerians children as well as the sport trainers of the Algerian Ministry of Youth and Sports, Bechar Region. Eric also taught dune skiing to the instructors of the Algerian Federation of Skiing and Mountain Sports.
The first National Dune Skiing Championships have been organized at Beni Abbes.
Eric has guided several groups of French skiers on our dunes.
By sharing his skills he is following the holly steps of Father Charles de Foucauld who created at Beni Abbes his first friendships church.

Abdelkader Bennana: President of the Beni Abbes dune skiing club, Algeria.

sand ski - ski sur dune

15 : Abdelkader Bennana, President of the sand ski club of Beni Abbes, Algeria.


16 : Unexpected French masseur in the Annapurnas

For my first Himalayan trek I have chosen the Annapurnas’circuit. It was a big tough. Everyday I was expecting to get a massage but there are no local masseurs in this part of the Annapurnas. My legs and my back were getting more and more tired.
I decided to trek up to Thorong Phedi, around 4500 meters, because it is possible to get a flight back by helicopter. At New Phedi lodge, I met Eric Lon. He gave me a relaxing massage, Thai style, as I am used to get at home. I was very good, as a miracle.
I was worrying a bit about crossing Thorong La, 5416 meters, because I am living at sea level and I never trek so high.

The next day Eric crossed this pass with me, walking to my pace. He took a bath at Thorong Lake, amongst the ice. I took photos. I had headache. Two times Eric gave me a head massage. At the lodge of Muktinath, I received a general relaxing massage.
Trekking with this “physiotherapist globe trekker” is useful.

Massage Himalaya

16: Eric Lon providing a "head massage" to a trekker crossing the highest pass of the Annapurnas, in November 2009. After swimming. Self foot massage.


17 : A young French yoga teacher: Paris

Thanks Eric for sharing your photos: they make me dreaming of the Himalayas. As soon as my new born daughter will grew up I hope to join you for a yoga trek. I want also to thank you for the introduction to “Himalayan yoga” you gave me at Paris. Your dynamic set is immediately efficient to awake the energy.
Charlotte de Sailly, Paris, French yoga teacher: Phone 06 10 19 67 66

Yoga Paris France

17 : Charlotte and Claire, French yoga teachers, Paris, France


18: Cross country skiing at 4650 meters: Manali, India.

Like many people around Kullu and Manali, the Valley of the Hindu gods which is nested in the Indian Himalayas, 600 km north from Delhi, I am enjoying to ski. We have a very nice Alpine ski resort at Solang Nala, about 2500 meters of height. It is the Paradise for the Indian skiers. People are skiing and snow boarding but almost no one is using Nordic skis in the state of Himachal Pradesh.
I met Eric Lon a couple of years ago when he was skiing on the tremendous huge slopes of rolling stones, in Spiti. He is skiing on the stones with Alpine skis made for snow. Eric is also an expert in Nordic skis. He has scaled with cross country skis different peaks around Manali.
I am not used to cross country skiing but I have accepted to join Eric to Scale Mount Rothang: 4650 meters. It has been a tough experience to ski up the steep slopes, and then to ski down. I feel like an alpinist and a skier together.

Vivek Chander, Manali :

Vivek Eric Thorong

18: Vikek Chander, from Manali, Himalayan Outdoor Centre, and Eric Lon:

cross country skiing at Mt Rothang, 4650 meters, India


19 : French trekkers in Thailand

We are a group of seven French, male and female. Because 2010 has a very cold winter we decided to enjoy warm holidays in Thailand. We booked a trekking tour through a Thai agency which made a nice proposal: combining yoga and trekking.
In the jungle of Khaosok National Park, a beautiful place for trekking and relaxing in the greenish, we had three yoga lessons. Two sessions before our breakfast activate the appetite and the energy.
One yoga session was connected with a river trek. We stopped for a while under the shade of big trees and we relaxed with different kinds of breathing. We were surprised because one of us was not able to breathe like the other members of the group, but on the opposite way.
This yoga trek has been an interesting experience.

jungle lake trek view Khao sok

19: Khao Sok lake viewed from the middle of an easy jungle trek


20 : Yoga around Mt Everest

I was born in Solo Khumbu region and from my childhood I have been walking around our holliest mountain: Sagarmatha. Ten years ago I summited Mt Everest with a Japanese expedition. Long time ago my mother was owning a small tea shop around Mt Everest. Nowadays I am running "snowland highest inn" and my sister is having "Buddha lodge" at Gorap Shep: 5180 meters. We are located close to holly Mt Everest and Kalapathar;we are useful to many trekkers and climbers. I also created the highest cyber cafe in the world, by satellite: it works well.

Eric Lon is a French trekker who came several times at my lodge. At Spring, he taught free outdoor Himalayan yoga to some of my friends, family and staff. They were enjoying feeling fresh. Eric and Janga, his spiritual Nepali son, are proposing to come back in November 2010 to organize the First Yoga Massage camp at Gorak Shep. All the lodge owners are pleased with it, and we will do our best to make it a success.

Pasang Khami Sherpa :

Gorap Shep

20 : Himalayan yoga at Gorap Shep, 5180 meters, Everest region.


21: Nepali mountain guide

I am a Nepali mountain guide, 28 years old. I have already scaled Mt Everest and Mt Cho Oyu. I met Eric Lon a year ago, in Langtang National Park. He did a yoga trek with our French doctor. I met him again in April 2010 at Everest base camp.

It is a hard job for the Sherpas to prepare the campsite for the international climbers. Daily we are removing tons of ice and rocks: this is painful for the back. Eric taught us some easy stretching and massage exercices which are doing good for us.Tulsi Gurung

21 : Tulsi Gurung and Eric Lon at Everest base camp, April 2010


22 : A Paris bird, hirondelle, in the Himalayas

I got a wonderful experience with Eric Lon: 3 positive weeks. I came to the Annapurnas Sanctuary for trekking with yoga without knowing anything in this field. Eric found the right way in adaptation with my physical weakness.
I decided to shorten the trek, but the yoga and massage classes help me to feel good in my body and in my mind. There is no miracle but the right way to listen to me when it was a bit difficult: that is great.
As a Maestro, Eric chooses the right trekking speed because he is a professional and he knows the Annapurnas. I have been lucky to meet him and to trust him. Eric likes what he is doing, and he loves People: this is a lot. I wish you to meet him

trek to ABC

21: Valérie Hirondelle: a French air hostess discovering the
Annapurnas, ABC


23: Two Ladakhis bikers

We are Ladakhi guides, specialized in biking tours. On June 6 we took part in a free Himalayan yoga session with Eric Lon at Ladakh Shanti Stupa surrounded with fresh snow. This is a magic place, perfect for yoga.
Eric Lon is not teaching the same kind of yoga as in Rishikech.
The Himalayan yoga warms the body: we felt good. We are going to practice some Himalayan yoga exercises during our Himalayan biking tour, 3 weeks long.

 Konchok Gailson :
Konchok sanjrup :


24 : Yogatrekking around Leh Ladakh

On a bright Sunday morning we started trekking from Mahabodi International Meditation Center, Choglamsar, walking through a rocky plain to reach the green village of Sabu. Walking along with Eric Lon is interesting because he provides information about Nature. He is taking many photos which are opportunities to see better the details.
Trekking through rough and rocky landscapes on the hilly way to Leh Ladakh, we did some yoga poses, useful to trek.
 The concept of “yogatrekking” is ideal to discover Nature.
I would like to join Eric Lon to do the same in my region, Rajasthan, to discover the desert.
Skiing on the dunes and doing yoga will be great…
Doctor Amit Sharma, naturopath and yoga teacher
E mail :


25 : Combining the associations

I am 30 years old and well used to travel in different parts of the world, enjoying trekking with my wife. We have a baby daughter and many people are surprised because we are already trekking with her in Provence.
I started to practice Tibetan yoga through Internet, and I am pleased to compare it with the Tibetan exercises done on a different way by Eric Lon.
The associative world is boundless.
By trekking and practicing yoga, I am taking part in the new association of Eric Lon, to fight against smoking and drinking too much alcohol, through yoga and trekking.

Stephan :


Other French testimonials about physiotherapy :

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