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16 10 2016

Eric Lon : 29.000 public photos Flickr upgraded : 21 06 2017


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Album photos Flickr : Mini Top Ten, 10 photos : Mini Top Ten

Album photos Flickr : Top Ten 1000, 124 photos : Top Ten 1000

Album photos Flickr : Poruerolles island 2017, 517 photos : Porquerolles 2017

Eric Lon photo story

I started taking underwater photos when I was 14 years old because I won a competition. The first price was the first underwater camera invented by Cdt Cousteau.

At school I took lessons about black and white photos.

I did several photos exhibitions in my region: the Var district, Provence.

In 2000, when I stopped to use classic argentic pics, I had already taken more than 50.000 slides depicting various trips in different countries.

In 2007 I started to use Flickr, and nowadays I am Flickr addict because I like to share my pics and to discover the pics of more than thousand Flickr contacts: it is a huge photo family.

I have posted more than 27.000 pics on Flickr.


My photos albums and sets are organized by destination and avtivity.

Album photos Flickr : Yoga slide show, 70 photos : Yoga

Album photos Flickr : Yoga on a boat, 89 photos : Yoga on a boat

Album photos Flickr : Thailand Similan Islands, 188 photos : Similan Islands

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