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s17 spiti peak

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Nepal Yoga trek Annapurnas : November 2018

Album 238 photos Eric Lon : Explore the Annapurnas

Everest yoga trek 2019

Album 190 photos Eric Lon : Everest Yoga Trek


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France 2018

Yoga trekking in Provence


Eric Lon is working as a masseur physiotherapist at Toulon, Var. On saturday and sunday he is proposing a yoga trek in Provence, around Toulon, Var, and also at the " National Park des Calanques " of Marseille. These yoga treks are organized under the umbrella of the association "yoga trekking", and another association to fight against smoking and drinking alcohol through practicing yoga and trekking.

Trekking in Provence with yoga is the best way to prepare Himalayan yoga treks.

Album photos Flickr : Porquerolles Island, 517 photos : Porquerolles 2017

Snorkeling in a French Marine NATIONAL park

Album photos Flickr : Snorkeling at Port Cros, 489 photos : Snorkeling at Port Cros

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Yoga in Thailand winter 2019

Eric Lon is used to travel in the islands of southern Thailand,

around Phuket, for snorkeling and doing yoga at the beaches : you can join him

during winter 2019 ...

Thai agency at Phuket : South Tours

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During a short journey with Eric Lon you can learn easy yoga

exercices to stop smoking ...

Album photos Flickr : Stop smoking, 16 photos : Stop smoking

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Yogatrekking in Nepal : Annapurnas

Trekking with daily yoga makes the trek easier

Yogatrekking in Annapurnas

Album Flickr : Explore Annapurnas, 238 photos : Annapurnas

Yogatrekking in Langtang



Eric Lon travelled many times in Namibia ...

Album photos Flickr : Namibia, 42 photos : Namibia

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Photos France : Port Cros, Var