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Next yoga trek in Nepal : Annapurnas : november 2018

Album 238 photos Eric Lon Flickr : Explore the Annapurnas

Future Everest Yoga Trek 2019

Album 190 photos Eric Lon : Everest Yoga Trek


Yogatrekking in Provence : France


Eric Lon is proposing, on saturday and sunday, to trek around Toulon, Var,

and around Marseille in the National Park des calanques.

Look at more than 34.000 photos of Eric Lon, in many albums :


Album photos Flickr : Randonner en Provence


Trekking and snorkeling in France


Visit the French islands Hyères : Porquerolles and Port Cros Marine National Park

Album photos Flickr : Porquerolles Island 2017, 518 photos : Porquerolles 2017


Album photos Flickr : Porquerolles Island 2016, 450 photos : Porquerolles

Album photos Flickr : Snorkeling Port Cros National Park. 489 photos : Port Cros

Album photos Flickr : snorkeling at Toulon, 111 photos : snorkeling Toulon

Album photos Flickr : snorkeling at Cape Sicié, 125 photos : Snorkeling Cap Sicié


New : in Thailand


In February 2019 you can join Eric Lon at Phuket for swimming and

snorkelling at different southern islands with daily outdoors yoga classes


Thai Organizer at Phuket : South Tours

Album photos Flickr : Yoga on a boat, 89 photos : Yoga boat

Album photos Flickr : Similan Islands, 188 photos : Similan

Album photos Flickr : Raya Islands, 173 photos : Raya

Album photos Flickr : PP Islands, 242 photos : PP

Album photos Kradan : Kradan Island, 179 photos : Kradan


... Look at the albums ... to prepare your Thai journey

Booking agency at Phuket : Southtours

New yogatrekking in Nepal

Doing yoga daily is the best way to trek more easily around the

Annapurnas, especially if you are over 60 years old

The yogatreks are prepared by Michel, French Trekking guide

E mail : infos.cgk@lacompagniedesguidesdekatmandou


Album photos Flickr : Explore the Annapurnas, 238 photos : Annapurnas

Album photos Flickr : Explore Langtang, 93 photos : Langtang


New in Namibia 777

There are long distancies between tourist spots in Namibia. Doing yoga

daily makes the trip easier. Eric Lon travelled many times to Namibia

Album Flickr : Namibia, 42 photos : Namibia.

34.000 free photos of Eric Lon : www.flickr.com


Contact E Mail : ericlon@hotmail.fr


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