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Eric Lon Triathlon story

The Triathlons have inspired other kinds of Triathlons.
In 1977 Eric Lon, then aged 27, was second in a French National Triathlon organized by the French federation linked to the International Federation of Body Builders: IFBB.
In 1992 Eric was organizing French biathlons in Nature: the “trails”.
In 2010, Eric is pioneering the first Himalayan triathlon in the Annapurnas, Nepal.
To be understood this new concept of Himalayan Triathlon must be detailed.

Himalayan Triathlon: running, swimming at high altitude lakes.

The first triathletes approached are both enthusiast with the idea of taking part in a new and great challenge in the Himalayas, but on the other hand they are afraid by the height of this adventure. This is a wise reaction because they are not used to trek in the high mountains.
The Himalayan Triathlon is not made for crazy people. At the contrary it is under preparation to offer the greatest safety in off roads Himalayan conditions.

Running on Himalayan trails

Running at high altitude is possible, especially with Himalayan yoga in addition.
A friend of Eric Lon, who is also a French masseur physiotherapist, was used to organize the highest race in the world, to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, in Africa. For several years the participants coming from all over the world, generally from sea level, climbed running from 1850 meters to around 5600 meters, and back down within five days. No accident occurred. Eric Has shot this event on video.

Nowadays there are more and more international participants in the Everest Marathon and also in the Annapurnas, crossing the Thorong La pass: 5416 meters, where the Himalayan Triathlon will go.
During the Himalayan Triathlon running will be only when ascending the trails, to avoid risks at the descent. Run from 4000 meters to 5416 meters, in two sections.

Swimming at high altitude lakes

Swimming in cold water and at high altitude is possible.
In cold countries like Scandinavia people are used to break the ice of the lakes for taking a bath. They are nor catching a cold.
Nowadays the iron triathletes are used to swim long distances in cool waters with a long wet costume. They will wear the same swimming costume in the Himalayas.

For more than 20 years Eric Lon is used to swim naked in Himalayan lakes. He is using a special Pharaon yoga exercise to warm his body before to swim. This yoga technique is easy to learn. Eric Lon is not crazy. At the contrary he is a French certified swimming teacher trained to save lives. He knows the limits to respect. He has taken baths in the lakes of the Annapurnas.

Have a look to his photo gallery:

Cyling up and down in the Annapurnas

Nowadays more and more people are cycling in the Himalayas. In November 2009 a coupled has crossed the Annapurnas with a tandem. Cycling for the triathlon will from Manang: 3500 meters to Yak Karka: 4000 meters. The porters will carry the bycles when the triathletes will be running from 4000 to 5416 meters. They will ride down from the highest pass of the Annapurnas, 5416 meters to Muktinath: 3800 meters. It has already be done.

Combining the Himalayan challenges

Running on the Himalayan trails and then swimming and cycling at high altitude is available for many fit people looking for new outdoors challenges.

The title of the first book of Eric Lon is: “Challenges on skis”. Eric loves the challenges. The first Himalayan Triathlon is a challenge especially made for the triathletes. Combining different adventures is a challenge both for the body and for the mind.

The acclimatization is the more important thing to respect for going higher in Himalaya. Even for very fit people it is not recommended to land on a high mountain and to start doing a lot of efforts.

To minimize the risk of Acute Mountain Sickness, it is highly recommended, even to fit people, to get acclimatizing slowly by trekking from low altitude.

As a certified physiotherapist and also a physical training teacher who has a lot of experience with trekking in the Himalayas, Eric is proposing to start trekking on a gentle way, following for a week the famous “Annapurnas Circuit”. It is only from the altitude of 3500 meters that the Himalayan Triathlon will start. Look carefully at the itinerary of the Annapurnas circuit.

Doing yoga daily is a good way to have a better acclimatization. Practicing daily foot massage is also efficient to feel good.

Have a look to the photo gallery of Eric to visualize the different parts of the trek.
Each photo has both a comment in English and in French.

Eric is used to trek slowly: you can do it faster but keep in mind that the efforts in the high mountains are more strenuous.
Run as softly as an old Himalayan goat if you want to run and trek all the way long.

The first Himalayan is under preparation. Be free to contact us to discuss about it and to adapt it to the brave triathletes who want to open this way.

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Travel with a French certified physiotherapist, yoga therapy expert ...

Trek without smoking

This « yoga trek » is tailor made for the non smokers, but it is also a great opportunity for the smokers who want to stop smoking. Feel free to contact Eric Lon as soon as possible during winter because it is easier in France than when he is trekking in the Himalayas.

Visualize 3000 photos of Eric Lon:

Have a safe journey: bon voyage

Eric Lon is part of Face Book, French pages, during the week end

Trek without smoking
This « yoga trek » is tailor made for the non smokers, but it is also a great opportunity for the smokers who want to stop smoking. Feel free to contact Eric Lon as soon as possible during winter because it is easier in France than when he is trekking in the Himalayas.

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