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Page About Eric Lon upgraded 25 04 2018


New website : French and English :


Next Yoga Trek in Nepal : Annapurnas November 2018

Album 238 Photos Eric Lon Flickr : Explore Annapurnas

Everest Yoga Trek: Autumn 2019

Album 190 photos Eric Lon Flickr : Everest Yoga trek

contact .



Eric Lon : French certified physiotherapist

and: "yogi globe trekker" in France,

Provence, Nepal, Thailand ...


Eric Lon combines yoga and trekking


Eric Lon 34.000 photos on :

Album photos Flickr : 124 photos : Top Ten over 1000

Album photos Flickr : Mini slide show : 10 photos Mini Top Ten

Album photos Flickr : Namibia : 42 photos : Namibia

Album photos Flickr : Explore Annapurnas, 238 photos : Annapurnas

Album photos Flickr : Explore Langtang, 93 photos : Langtang

Album photos Flickr, 70 photos : Yoga slide show



Eric Lon, 67 years old, is practicing different kinds of yoga for 43 years.

Album photos Flickr : Yogas, 746 photos : Different yogas


Eric practices Himalayan Yoga made of various exercises, on a dynamic but soft way,

as the sun salutations to activate the general energy.

The yoga teaching is made for the beginners.

The yoga sessions and foot massage classes are included in the treks' package.

The Eric Lon yogatrekking concept is efficient in France, Thailand and in the Himalayas



in THAILAND 2019

During winter 2019 Eric Lon combines yoga with swimming and snorkeling at Thai

Iislands around Phuket : look at his photos ...

Album photos Flickr : Similan Islands snorkeling 188 photos : Similan Islands

Album photos Flickr : Yoga boat Similan Islands : 89 photos : Yoga boat Similan

Album photos Flickr : Island Raya, 173 photos : Raya

Album photos Flickr : Island PP, 242 photos : PiPi

Album photos Flickr : Island Kradan, 179 photos : Kradan

contact :


More photos albums of Eric Lon are visible for free :


Profile of Eric Lon

French born in 1950

3 French professional certificates

19 years old : swimming teacher

21 years old : physical training teacher

26 years old : masseur physiotherapist

Plus five certificates of Traditional Thai massage, one certificate of Vietnamese

massage, one certificate of Tibetan massage.

Main occupation: masseur physiotherapist in a private clinic, at Toulon, France.

Accessories occupations: physical training teacher, including yoga, and

swimming teacher.


French Physiotherapy : Methode Mezieres


Eric Lon has been trained in 1977 by Mrs Francoise Mezieres, the creator of a French

method of physiotherapy, different from the classic, which is efficient to prevent,

or to cure back pains.

Album photos Flickr : 84 photos : Methode Mezieres Toulon

French website :


Eric Lon 67 years old practices yoga since 44 years.

Eric Lon is a Sportman

14 years old : snorkeling

15 years old: karate

19 years old : certified swimming teacher

20 years old: power lifting trainer

21 years old : certified sports teacher

27 years old: vice champion of France: triathlon

Golden medal of Sports, Toulon, district Var

International judge bodybuilding IFBB

Vice President of French Bodybuilding Federation: 1977 to 1980

Skiing on the rocks from 1981 to 2014

Teaching sand skiing on the dunes from1984 in Algeria, Namibia and in Tunisia

Mountains studies from 1981 to 1984

Windsurfing at high altitude lakes from 1979

Trekking, mountaineering and skiing in the Himalayas since 1987

Kayaking since 1989, including in the Himalayas

Flickr : Ski on sand, rocks, in France, Himalayas, Sahara : 115 photos : Eric Lon skiing ...

2017 : Eric Lon, 67 years old is exercising daily with yoga and other physical activities

French book writer

1988 : Défis à skis = Challenges on skis

2007 : Des Ecrins à l’Himalaya = From the French Alps to the Himalayas


French registered associations

Eric Lon is President of French registered associations based at Toulon, Var.

Yogatrekking: 2005 : to teach "yoga massage" to the trekkers, mountaineers...

and another association to have a better life without smoking or alcohol excess.

Eric Lon teaches Fast Detox Yoga to fight against smoking, drinking alcohol.

His “yoga treks” are tailor made for the non smokers, but they are also open

to the trekkers who want to stop smoking during a guided trek. New concept ...


Eric Lon, physiotherapist, is President of a physiotherapy association :


French website :


Combining yoga and trekking in Provence, France


On week end, Eric Lon is proposing to trek in the district of Var, and in the

"NationalPark des calanques ", around Marseille.

During the treks he is teaching Himalayan yoga to boost the energy and

to trek more easily. This is a preparation before to trek higher.

Fast Detox Yoga in a week end to fight against drinking alchool and smoking.

Album photos Flickr : Stop smoking with yoga : 16 photos : stop smoking


Yogatrekking in Nepal :

Annapurnas in October 18

It is easier to trek in Nepal than in India because you can get your tourist visa

at Kathmandu airport .

Album photo Flickr : Kathmandu 2015, 253 photos : Kathmandu 2015


Doing outdoor yoga daily make the treks easier

Yogatrekking around the Annapurnas : october 2018 : 2 weeks

Album photos Flickr : Explore Annapurnas : 238 photos : Annapurnas



Eric Lon 34.000 photos :


Wake up your energy with morning yoga and combine yoga and trekking

Yoga is part of the trek by harmonizingthe breathing with the way to walk.

This is "yoga trekking in action".

After trekking get relaxed with evening yoga.

After trekking the body is tired: some selected stretching exercises combined with deep breathing help a lot to clean the toxins generated by the trek. They restore the balance and they prepare a better resting night to enjoy trekking the next day.
Stretching the body quiets the mind.

Album photos Flickr : Voyager Trekking, 678 photos : Voyager Trekking

Album photos Flickr : Voyager Yoga, 715 photos : Voyager Yoga



Foot massage is known for thousands years to relax and to heal. The body is reflecting his state of health on the feet. Knowing the chart of the feet is useful to release tenses in the muscles and the joints.
Anybody can learn foot massage, especially the trekkers who need to have good feet.

Ear massage is another kind of reflexology. It is very usefull in the mountains, at places where it is not possible to take off his shoes.

Album photos Flickr : Voyager Massage, photos : Voyager Massage

Use Flickr to look more Eric Lon photos

Click Here : Eric Lon on Flickr

Typing Eric Lon on Flickr opens 29.000 pictures depicting his trips and “yogatreks”.


Each “yogatrek” has link with a specific photo set.


E mail :

photos legends : 1,2 : Everest, 3,: trekking, 4, 5 : Thailand, 6, 10 : Himalaya, 11 : sand ski, 12 : rocks ski, 13, 14 : Himalaya, 15 : climbing, 16 : rocks, 17 : Eric Lon, 18 : physiotherapy Methode Mezieres in Nepal, 19 : Thai yoga massage Eric Lon and Janga


Thank you for your visit : enjoy your journey ...

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