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2 new websites of Eric Lon


French Website for physiotherapy :


Eric Lon links’ page

France, Nepal, Thailand


This page introduces some friends and places where Eric Lon is used to go .


Links in France

Eric Lon: masseur kinésithérapeute, 462 Av de la Republique, 83000, Toulon

Tel : o6 69 64 16 99



French Yoga Magazine


Mountains link

It is the best way to know what is happening in the mountains


Links in Nepal

Michel : the creator of "Kathmandu trekking guides’ company " :


Michel is a French certified trekking guide



Nepal photos by Eric Lon on Flickr : " Nepal Annapurnas Everest "

Close to Kathmandu : " Shivapuri National Park "


Hotel Blue Diamond, Kathmandu
For years Eric Lon is used to stay at this quiet hotel located in Thamel, Jyatha. It is close by the Kathmandu trekking guides’ company.
Doing morning yoga on the 5 th floor terrace, looking at the snow capped peaks of the Langtang range is nice.

hotel Blue Diamond

Phone: 42 26 907, 42 22 270

Kathmandu photos by Eric Lon : " Kathmandu "


Chitwan National Park: Baghmara Wildlife Resort
 Before or after a trek it is pleasant to relax in the plains of Nepal, the Terai region, and to visit Chitwan National Park, having an elephant safari to look at the tigers and the rhinos. The canoe trip on a quiet river shows many birds and different species of crocodiles.
The Hotel Blue Diamond will organize your trip to Baghmara and Chitwan.


Eric Lon photos Flickr : " Chitwan National Park "



Ladakh Shanti Stupa


Links in Thailand


Thai agency at Phuket : South Tours


Yoga, swimming and snorkeling w Eric Lon

Do you want to combine a boat cruise at the Similan Islands, from Phuket, with daily 4 snorkeling spots and yoga on the boat between the islands???

And sunrise yoga plus sunset yoga on the boat ??? During winter 2016/17 ?

Contact :

Bouddha 4 tetes

There are many photos by Eric Lon on : " Amazing Thailand " and many other albums

and the slide show : " Discover Samui island "



WEbmaster Samuizoom

Thierry is an excellent webmaster. His son, Jacques, 26 years old, is a professional photographer and the first photographer trekking guide at Koh Samui.


The photos of my Flickr set: " Fitness ", " stretching ", have been taken by Jacques.


Trinity Yoga at Samui, Chaweng, close to World Gym, neighbours, like brothers

Look at the slide show : " Yoga at Samui Island "


Easy yoga and trekking at Thai Islands

Have a look to Eric Lon photos Flickr set : “ Amazing Thailand

and to the photo set, 746 photos :“ Yogas with s

slide show : " Yoga at Samui Island "


Yoga and trekking at Thai Islands

Thailand Tan Island

From Phuket Eric Lon is used to travell to different islands, combining yoga with

swimming and snorkeling. Eric Lon is a certified French physiotherapist practicing yoga

for more than 40 years, and he is also a French certified swimming teacher who loves

swimming and snorkeling at the age of 66 ...



Eric Lon 29.000 photos Flickr :